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How to setup repeater function for better signal?

2018-06-13 15:39:26 yeskamo Read

How to setup repeater function for better signal?

Camera works as signal transmitter to strengthen poor cameras signal caused by long distance or physical obstacles as walls:

1) Before setting up this function, please bring cameras near NVR recorder and confirm that both cameras with full wifi rate when near NVR;

2) Right click the mouse to enter main menu > video manage > repeater


Take camera 1 and camera 2 as example.

If camera 1 is installed near NVR with full wifi signal, and camera 2 will be installed a little far away from NVR recorder with poor signal.

Click “+” behind CH1 and choose to add CH2, click “Apply”.

In this way, camera 1 can work as signal transmitter that camera 2’s signal may get booster.


Please note:

A: Before setup repeater function, please confirm the camera as transmitter with strong signal, if not, the setup will fail;

B: If the line being red behind camera, it means you can’t use this camera as transmitter because it doesn’t have a very strong signal.