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How to choose place to install wireless camera?

2018-06-13 14:58:19 yeskamo Read

How to choose place to install wireless camera?

The NVR recorder (hereinafter referred to as NVR) has a built in router and the cameras receive the wireless signal from the NVR. So it is suggested to to place the NVR at the center of monitoring area.

Avoid any avoidable obstacle between the cameras and the NVR.

1) When there is no obstacle, cameras can be mounted about 60m/200ft away from NVR; 

2) When there is one wall in between, reduce the distance to 30m/100ft;

3) When there are 2 walls in between, reduce the distance to 15m/50ft;

4) When there are more than 2 walls between camera and NVR, we suggest using extendable antennas to bring camera’ s antenna inside walls while leaving camera out; or use network cable to hard wire the camera to NVR or home router.

Please Note:

A: the wifi range mentioned above vary in different environments; data only for reference.

B: Please test camera at target location to check whether the camera can work well before mount it. The camera must be installed with the NVRs wifi range.

C: For better night vision, please avoid camera to face directly to the light

D: For more installation angle tips, please go the our product website: