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How to backup video footage?

2018-06-13 10:42:45 yeskamo Read

How to backup video footage?

Here are 2 ways for you to backup footage:

1) Backup via USB flash disk:

A: The NVR comes with 2 USB ports, one for mouse and the other for USB disk to backup the footage or upgarde system;

B: Right click the mouse to enter main menu > video backup,

C: Choose channel, record mode, date and time, click “search” and get the recorded video list (check video to backup;)

D: Select the file you and click “backup” button


2) Backup via CMS software:

A: Install CMS on computer and get it running;

As to how to operate CMS, please refer to:

B: Choose to playback:

C: Choose one channel and click download icon, the whole video footage of this channel will pop up.

Here choose the footage you need, click download icon below “operate” and notification will pop up with the file store path;