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remote view camera via CMS software on computer

2018-05-25 18:06:57 yeskamo Read

1. How to view camera via CMS PC client software?

The CMS (Central Management System) is a relatively professional solution on PC.

If enables you to view, playback and manage the YESKAMO cameras/system on PC client.

1) Connect NVR recorder with LAN port of home router via Ethernet cable (make sure your system online);

2) Download CMS software to your computer:

For MAC system:

For Windows system:

(please note: CMS software for MAC system and for Windows system not the same)

3) Run CMS software:

A: install CMS software on your computer and enter the interface;

Default User Name: admin

Default Password: no password, leave it blank/empty, and click login to enter;


B: Add Device:

Click add on the top right corner of monitor > Cloud ID > tap information and click finish to enter camera.

(Here you only need change below information)

-- Cloud ID: you can find it when right click mouse to neter main menu > system setup > network setup > network setup.

-- User name: default being admin (let it the same as what it is on NVR recorder);

-- Password: default being no password, leave it blank/empty (let it the same as what it is on NVR recorder);

-- Number of Channel: the channel quantity


C: View Camera on PC device:

-- +Add: click to add device

-- Modify: click device in the device list and change device information

-- Device list: shows deices youve added

(After you add device, please click + beside device ID and click channel to get video)